963 Taylor Swift

I watch a tv show called Gruen, on ABC (the season is finished now); it’s about advertising & marketing … mostly making fun of silly ads and at the same time providing interesting insights into that parallel universe.

In the season’s last episode they talked about a woman by the name of Taylor Swift, a singer/song writer, who's really got her marketing act together. She was not on my radar but one of the panelists commented that she is ubiquitous with girls, in fact ... his two daughters had adopted her, she was akin a third daughter in his family.

So, I thought, how interesting. And off I went to YouTube to check her out. I randomly clicked one of her videos … oh boy, was I in for a shock: Bad Blood must be one of the worst, one of the most horrific bits of entertainment I ever endured (I didn’t watch the whole thing). It is a display of gratuitous violence (I just put a link to it down below ... I won’t soil my blog with the actual video).

I don’t suffer such rubbish lightly. I made that point before about a HBO series Westworld (my blog  799) … I just cannot comprehend that people like to be entertained with such violence. Ah well, that’s America for you, a country where 30,000+ people die each year as they get shot by one of their fellow Americans.

Now, from a technical viewpoint the video is slick & professional, and I trust the music probably is good. Like I said, I didn’t finish watching it, so I wouldn’t know ... but I have reason to believe it; I persevered and clicked on a couple more videos (after I searched for “Taylor Swift live”) ...

... what a delight. What a wonderful young woman. 

Taylor, dear, if you ever come to Sydney again, look me up. We'd talk about what spirit to imbue your entertainment with. Without wanting to be presumptuous, we would talk about spirituality and en.light.en.ment, and what it is you want your communications to embody ... especially when communicating with youth, who look up to you. Don't get me wrong, I get that you're hurt and there is bad blood. But why the violence?

(I'm sure some smart-alec will say now I got it all wrong: Bad Blood is feministic, empowerment of women etc. O. Dear.) 

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