1086 Elephants roam in London

Herds of Life-Sized Elephants

Roam Through London’s Parks

for a Global Conservation Project

from: thisiscolossal.com

watch the making-of video below

Sixty migrating elephants pass between Piccadilly and Buckingham Palace in London in one of nine herds roaming throughout the city.

video: Elephants in Green Park, London

The lumbering creatures are part of an ongoing collaboration between two nonprofits, CoExistence and Elephant Family, that explores how humans can better live alongside animals and the larger ecosystem through imaginative public art projects.

As its name suggests, CoExistence’s aim is to identify mutually beneficial modes of living considering that within the last century, the balance between world population and wilderness has shifted considerably: in 1937, 66 percent of global environments were intact with 2.3 billion people on Earth. Today, those numbers have undergone a dramatic change, with a world population of 7.8 billion and only 35 percent of wilderness remaining.