1051 Goerge Gittoes and Chir-raq

George Gittoes' journey to Iraq lead him to Chicago. Read all about it in the SMH: JOURNEY TO CHI-RAQ. It will (it should) shock you. A sobering fact: Chicago (Chi-raq) at any time has/had more American deaths than the war in Iraq.

Filmmaker George Gittoes with Chantal Scott

whose sister Kaylyn Pryor (in posters) was murdered

Gittoes is an artist: a painter and a film maker ... I look forward to watching his film WHITE LIGHT on ABC; I got sucked into this story about the South Side of Chicago because we're watching SHAMELESS on Netflix, which is set there.

But I'm writing this blog because of my essay "BLACK LIVES MATTER and all other lives too". I quote some statistics I picked up from a podcast by Sam Harris about black deaths in custody of the police, and police violence.

Add to those statistics a few from Gittoes documentary: Gun deaths in Chicago to June this year (2020) are 1,508; that's more than eight per day. The cops do not investigate black-on-black murders. Once 18 people were murdered in 24 hrs.