1093 Australian Veterans' Suicides

This is a most sobering statistic: About 500 Australian soldiers died by suicide since 2001; while since then the ADF has suffered 40 combat deaths. More than ten times as many soldiers died by suicide than in combat. I have an essay SOLDIERS

I write a lot about war and peace; in my book are many essays on that subject. 

In  WAR 3  I quote Julia Baird, "War doesn’t end when the soldiers come home.” 

In another one I say that I find incomprehensible the fact that we fight wars.


Why do we subject ourselves to the pain of losing loved ones in war?

We condemn losses as tragedies ... yet, we celebrate wins as triumphs

as we kill enemy soldiers, who are loved just like our sons. IRRATIONALITY


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One veteran on average dies by suicide every 2 weeks.

The Australian

Royal commission into defence and veteran suicide

to be led by former top cop Nick Kaldas

JULY 8, 2021  Prime Minister Scott Morrison officially launched a royal commission into veteran and defence personnel suicides on Thursday, as he announced a former top NSW cop would lead the inquiry.

The royal commission will examine systemic issues and common themes related to defence and veteran suicides, headed by former Deputy Commissioner of the NSW Police Force Nick Kaldas.

“The death of any Australian Defence Force member or veteran is a tragedy that is deeply felt by all Australians,” Scott Morrison said.

“As a government, we are committed to addressing the ongoing impact of service, including preventing future deaths by suicide and providing opportunities for healing.”

The commission will investigate issues that occur during service, transition out of service and life post-service.

From 2001 to 2017, one Australian veteran died by suicide every two weeks, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

More Australian veterans died by suicide than were killed on active duty since the ADF was deployed to Afghanistan in 2001.