1064 Apple iPhone 12 PRO rumor

A nice story:

I went to the Apple store to enquire about the iPhone 11 Pro. We went through all the features and finally I said (quite innocently, I had no idea of what was to follow) 

“Or maybe I’ll wait for the iPhone 12.”

The girl said, “yeah, a lot of people say that, they come in and talk about a rumor that there soon wil be an upgrade, an iPhone 12 with amazing features; they won’t buy the iPhone 11. They have a picture of it too.”

I said, “oh, really, a picture?”

She said, “Yes, with 4 cameras.”

I said, “Hmmm, this one … ?”

And I took her to my website. She said, “Yeah, yeah, that picture!” When I told her I created the photo in Photoshop and that I started the rumor, she nearly fainted.