1085 What the hell is QAnon?

Is QAnon to be taken seriously?
Oh, Yes! ... Or not!

1084 The Day the Dinosaurs died

This is a Kurzgesagt video about continuity
and The Day the Dinosaurs died ... stunning

1083 Progressophobia

Bill Maher and 'Progressophobia'

1082 Vaccination? Yes? No? Maybe?

Should we get vaccinated against Covid?

1081 Post Truth Redux

My previous blog Post Truth revisited

1080 Post Truth

Post Truth, A Mountain of Evidence: Fake or Fact?

1079 Our World

Our World as you never knew it

1078 The World of Science

In Defense of the Universal Values of Science

1077 CoVi 19: man-made or natural?

The controversy of our time:
Was CoVi 19 man-made or is it natural?

1076 A man dies after medical incident

Man Dies After Medical Incident During Police Interaction

1075 "It'll cost you an arm and a leg."

Showing your hand may cost you an arm and a leg!

1074 Zen Is True

Zen Is True, that's my story and I stick with it

1073 Nessun Dorma alla Corona

Nessun Dorma (let no one sleep) about Corona

1071 Space Photography

I like space,
I like photography,   
I like space-photography

1070 Buckingham Palace vs Meghan

By Charlie, what's going on here?

1069 Facebook is kaputt

Facebook is kaputt (Deutsch for 'broken')

1068 Biko

A seminal song, re-invented: Biko

1067 Israel and Palestine

Big News: The ICC has jurisdiction over war 
crimes committed in the Palestinian territories

1066 Nuclear Energy, a wake-up video

Nuclear Energy, as you haven't thought about it

1065 Christianity, God, Belief, Reality and Delusion

Is the God delusion of Christians inevitable?

1064 Trump fact checked

What happens when Donald Trump is fact checked?

1063 A rotten Apple

I've used shiny, fresh Apples for 32 years,
but the shine has worn off, the Apple has shriveled

1062 Apple iPhone 13 PRO

Just announced: Apple iPhone 13 PRO

1061 Peace Day

It's Peace Day again: 21 September

1060 Sam Harris on HARDtalk

Sam Harris answers questions about BLM
and spirituality on the BBC's HARDtalk

1059 Unity Gym re-invented

Unity Gym in North Sydney, Australia
has gone through a major upgrade

1058 Quillette: The collapse of institutional liberalism

An essay I couldn't stop reading:
The Challenge of Marxism ...
The collapse of institutional liberalism

1057 Bill Maher with Jordan Peterson

Do I have favourites? You bet.
Here are two of them.

1056 Stoker Park Playground

This is the brand new Stoker Park Playground
in Sydney's Castlecrag, designed by Jan Felton

1055 Which Lie do you subscribe to?

How true is your Belief?
What if it's a Lie?

1054 Gun Control by Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies nails the issue of Gun Control

1053 5G and CoViD conspiracies

Does 5G cause the Corona Virus Disease?
If you inform yourself on social media ... yes.

1052 The Precipice

The Precipice, Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity is a book by Toby Ord

1051 Goerge Gittoes and Chir-raq

The artists George Gittoes visited a terrible place, war-torn Iraq - then went on to a much more terrible place: Chicago's South Side

1050 Trump 2020?

Cathy Wilcox answers the question on everyone's mind: Will Trump get re-elected?

1049 Making Sense of BLM

The Black Lives Matter movement ...
does it make sense?

1048 Dark Emu

Dark Emu, a book by Bruce Pascoe, re-writes Australian Aboriginal history

1047 Trump - Sarah Cooper

Trump/Cooper: How to Bible

1046 The numbers with Black Australia

As regards the Black Lives Matter movement,
what are the numbers with Black Australia?

1045 Does the Believer know?

Does the Believer know his scripture better
than the Unbeliever?

1044 A Single Cell Wonder

The living cell is the greatest natural wonder

1043 Bill Maher, animal husbandry and the immune system

Bill Maher has an opinion on animal husbandry
as well as COVID and the immune system

1042 Trump and Maher

Will Bill Maher be out of his job when Trump is gone?

1041 Bacterium vs Virus

Bacteria are independent cells that enter the body

a virus is an infective agent, that enters a cell

1040 MoronaVirus news

Heard about the Moronavirus?
Fitz will tell you

1039 CC-Denialism and the question of 'proof'

Can the issue be resolved:
CC-Denialism and the vexed question of 'proof'

1038 Don't even think about it

Climate Change?
Don't even think about it

1037 Albert Einstein and E=mc2

Albert Einstein, Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw and E=mc2

1036 Planet of the Humans

Planet of the Humans
a docu by Michael Moore
... is he on the wrong track?