1142 Brand new Leica Q3

Due to popular demand

a stunning new camera from Leica

1141 Greg Williams Photographer

Greg is a celebrity photographer
and Leica ambassador

1140 Vaccine or poison?

Are medicines, like the CoViD vaccines, poison?
Of course they are!

1139 Bob Marley 77

Was he alive, Bob Marley would've been 77

1138 Krishnamurti on meditation

... namely, what meditation is not

1137 Nazism and Wikipedia

It seems Wikipedia has a Nazism problem

1144 No Mandates ?

Say No To Mandates.

1135 Israel and Palestine, Dr. Gabor Maté

... on Russell Brand: Under The Skin

1134 Bill Maher on saving the world

... it's easier talking about it than doing it

1133 Joe Rogan, Neil Young, Spotify

I'm with The Rock:
Well said, Joe

Apple iPhone 15 PRO MaxI

Just announced: Apple iPhone 15 PRO Max

1131 Don't Look Up

A movie about the denial of science

1130 Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens on cancer, dying, religion
and Pascal's waver

1129 Bitcoin News

Can Governments Stop Bitcoin?

1128 Sildenafil daily

Sildenafil, the little blue pill, taken daily
potentially prevents Alzheimers

1127 CoViD deaths in the US

CoViD is a leading cause of death in the US.
But guess who's dying the most?

1126 "I did my own research."

Doing your own research may have
consequences beyond your expectations

1125 Leitz Phone 1

... it's a camera, 
with a phone built in

1124 Apostrophe ...

... one of the things that               
separates order from chaos

1123 Mathematics

Mathematics ... a force of nature

1122 Jacqui Lambie says it like it is

The nation listened, when
Jacqui Lambie said it like it is

1121 No Vacc, Yes Covid

Alan Kohler says it like it is:
Not vaccinated? 
You'll get immunity by contracting CoViD.
If you survive.

1120 CoViD Vacc Wrongs

CoViD Vacc Conspiracy Wrongs

1119 Imagine turns fifty

... and still going strong

1117 Peace Train

... Song Around the World

1116 Worried about you

... soundcheck

1115 MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

... by Lil Nas X
what a video!

1114 The last Anti-vaccer's Dream

a satire by Paul McDermott

1113 Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has lost his mind

1112 All That You Have Is Your Soul

Tracy Chapman reminds us that
all we have is our Soul

1111 R.I.P. Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts, drummer of 
the Rolling Stones, dead at 80

1110 The Who, How and Why of COVID-19

A Quadrant essay referencing Craig Kelly and
adapting his 'science' re. alternative meds

1109 Why not vaccinate?

This is the conundrum of our times:
Why would one want to not get vaccinated?

1108 Friday the 13th

Breaking News: It's Friday the 13th
and Donald Trump is President again

1107 CoViD Facts and their Sources

These three people are the ones to listen to 
about CoViD and vaccinations

1106 Get the Facts

Get the Facts on Vaccinations,
stay away from alternative facts


Finally: The authorities may wise up

1104 What is it like to get CoViD?

What does it actually feel like when you have Covid?

1103 Trump at Mar-a-Lago

A Vanity Fair article tells all about 
the state of mind of The Donald

1102 The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple is an organization that rejects tyrannical authority

1101 The looming Climate Change Panic

We will soon hit he Climate Change Panic Button

1100 George Carlin

George Carlin ... the ultimate Grumpy Old Man

1099 Whatever It Is, It Ain’t Aliens

This from a man who knows what he's talking about: Whatever It Is, It Ain’t Aliens ... by Lawrence Kraus

1098 We're all gonna die ...

Here we have it: A conspiracy theorist proves to us that we're all gonna die, unless we believe his nutty nonsense and don't get vaccinated!@#$%^&*(

1097 This Light in Oneself

Krishnamurti on the subject of meditation

1096 Sympathy for the Devil

Fifty nine years ago the Stones got Rolling

1095 Krishnamurti on Truth

Jiddu Krishnamurti: 
"Truth is a pathless land."

1094 When to AZ Second Dose?

When should we have the second dose 
of our AstraZeneca vaccine?