Joe Biden on gun control

Joe Biden addresses the nation
on gun control

No Way To Prevent This

That's right:
There's No Way To Prevent This

The Greens

I am a Greenie ... why?

"Google it, mate"

Adam Bandt delivers the best line in the election race

Facts Matter

This blog is - yet again - about CoViD

What should Russia do with Ukraine?

Russian propaganda is brainwashing its people

Climate Change revisited

We don't have a Planet B ...
does that mean 'Game Over'?

1155 Inquiry into CoViD

Cross Party Inquiry on the Australian 
Government’s Response to COVID-19

Nato and Ukraine

a big mistake was made 
as regards Nato and Ukraine

Secularism and Happiness

a note from the World Happiness Report:
secular countries are the happiest

Stoicism, Socrates and Epictetus

My favourite Stoic was Socrates,
but here is a look at Epictetus

"Yeah, we're spooked"

About what?
Spooked about AI

Henry Cartier Bresson

Pioneer of street photography: HCB

The War in Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine

Brand new Leica Q3

Due to popular demand

a stunning new camera from Leica

Greg Williams Photographer

Greg is a celebrity photographer
and Leica ambassador

Are Vaccines poison?

Are medicines, like the CoViD vaccines, poison?
Of course they are!

Bob Marley 77

Was he alive, Bob Marley would've been 77

Krishnamurti on meditation

... namely, what meditation is not

Nazism and Wikipedia

It seems Wikipedia has a Nazism problem

1144 No Mandates ?

Say No To Mandates.

Israel and Palestine, Dr. Gabor Maté

... on Russell Brand: Under The Skin

Bill Maher on saving the world

... it's easier talking about it than doing it

Apple iPhone 14 PRO

Just announced: Apple iPhone 14 PRO Max

Don't Look Up

A movie about the denial of science

Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens on cancer, dying, religion
and Pascal's waver

Sildenafil daily

Sildenafil, the little blue pill, taken daily
potentially prevents Alzheimers

Leitz Phone 1

... it's a camera, 
with a phone built in

Jacqui Lambie says it like it is

The nation listened, when
Jacqui Lambie said it like it is

Worried about you ...

... soundcheck

Nuclear Energy, a wake-up video

Nuclear Energy, as you haven't thought about it

A rotten Apple

I've used shiny, fresh Apples for 32 years,
but the shine has worn off, the Apple has shriveled

What's it like to be a writer?

So, what's it like to be a writer, you may ask.

The Age of Consequences

Climate change as you've never thought about it

841 Reggae at Balmoral

Fernando Aragones of Animal Ventura sets the mood at the Mudgee Wine & Food Fair, Balmoral ...

Security is elusive

What is security? A mirage.

Be scared, very scared: Trump's America

Be scared, very scared: Trump's America is a nightmare-vision ...

742 Baird greyhounds

Baird and his greyhounds, what a prime stuff-up ...

741 Blue Poles

That's a great idea: Sell that painting ...

740 Rainbows over Balmoral, Cremorne and at Byron Bay

Rain, clouds and sun make a rainbow ...

739 Trump? No Way!

Will Trump get in? No.

738 What is Peace?

We all strive for peace, inner as well as outer peace ...

737 Krishnamurti on Possessions

Today in my inbox a sobering observation by K. Where to from here?

736 Global Warming Schwarming

Global warming is natural; yeah, so is ignorance ...

735 Malcolm Turnbull and the Politics of Fear

Here is another side to Turnbull, one I dislike immensely ...

734 Malcolm Turnbull and the UN

Something extraordinary happened in Australian politics,
a conservative Prime Minister endorsed the United Nations ...

733 Funny Business with Jimmy Carr

Brand new Funny Business extreme with Jimmy Carr on Netflix ...